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Franchise Proposals
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Franchise proposals

  • Are you out of ideas and willing to invest and activate a business model that is currently exists across the world or a specific region?.

  • Do you want to reduce the risk of being a pure entrepreneur and welcome the support of a multinational established successful business through a franchise?.

  • Franchise proposal is a special type business plan dedicated to franchise-based businesses.

  • A franchisee usually receives a franchise package to help him/her in applying the franchise business, but before being able to get such package, the franchisee should submit a plan (franchise proposals) to the (the franchiser).

  • The plan defines the local market where you want to operate, the supply and demand forces, the business model that you will be running within, the financial forecasts, and most importantly, a clear justification of investing in that country from the perspective of the multinational (franchiser).

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